Wearable Shoe Trees Vs Force Fields

Shoe trees and force fields are two accessories designed for the same purpose. However, one is more superior to the other. There are two main similarities between the Force Fields and Shoe Trees. This is the fact that both are crease removers and can be completely wearable. Other than these, there are several distinct features between the two accessories

The Shoe Trees are known to help the shoes retain their new looks forever. This is the contrast with the Force Fields which are known to have a positive effect for only a few months or a year depending with the frequency of wearing the shoes. In a nutshell, as far as the new looks of a pair of shoes is concerned, and then the Shoe Trees are the best.

Wearable Shoe Trees Vs Force Fields

The Shoe Trees are known to prevent the appearance of creases during the entire life of the shoes. It also ensures that the sidewalls are protected. This is the contrast with the Force Fields which neither prevents creases nor offers sidewall protection. The shoe trees are made using non creasing materials something that’s credited for its ability to withstand creases. This is the contra wise of the Force Fields which are made using creasing materials. The fact that the shoe trees are also non odor absorbing also makes them desirable. You will not have your shoe trees smelling after using them. In contrast, the materials used to make the Force Fields absorb smell making them to produce a strange odor. It is worth noting that this may be a pro in the sense that the Force Fields reduce the smelling intensity of the shoes.

The shoe trees are durable being able to last for more than 2 years. Buying a shoe tree is therefore a real investment as you will use these accessories for a prolonged period of time. In addition, the shoe trees are interchangeable. You can use any shoe tree for the right shoe as well as on the left shoe. Lastly, the shoe trees do support toe box hence making it easy to clean. This is not the case with the Force Fields.

It is easy to maintain the Shoe Trees than it is to maintain the Force Fields. For instance, whereas the shoe trees are washable the Force Fields can’t be washed. In addition, the former are customizable whereas the latter can’t be customized.

With the descriptions mentioned above, it is clear that buying a shoe tree will give you value for your money. The shoe trees are very durable in comparison to the Force Fields. The former also allows for free air flow, something that’s necessitated by its vents. This is the contrast with the Force Fields that lack vents hence lack of free air flow.

It is therefore easy to deduce that the Shoe Trees are better than the Force Fields. The pros associated with the former are more than those pros that are associated with the latter. It is therefore a wise idea to go for the shoe trees if durability and functionality is your priority.