Wearable Shoe Trees- All You Need To Know

For a person looking for wearable Shoe trees online, you have come to the right place. This website will help you choose the best shoe trees that will look good and save your pocket at the same time.  A proper wearable Shoe tree will prevent shoe decreasing it’s size or stretching from its normal shape thus offering a flexibility to use shoes off sizes that won’t vary with time. Recently it has become a trend that most youngsters have started using shoe trees and are searching for the best choice that fit their shoes online.

Wearable Shoe Trees

People always prefer a wearable plastic shoe tree when compared to a cedar shoe tree. Still there are so many people using the cedar trees in the classical way which prevents the shape and size of the shoes when you leave it idle without using it for a long period of time. An important advantage of this fruit trees that it can be used for any pair of shoes having any size to prevent it from changing shape when left unnoticed.

Most of the wearable Shoe trees has a complete sidewall that offers maximum protection and also reduces sidewall creasing in the shoes. You might you spend hundreds of dollars on shoes but spending that extra $10 on wearable Shoe trees can reduce the risk of your shoe getting damaged or changing in shape with time.

Shoes are important accessories when it comes to the definition of any given person. The types of shoes you put on will be one subject to be considered while the state of the same shoes is another aspect. It is important that we take good care of our shoes. One of the most important features that are used to take care of the shoes is the shoe trees. Wearable shoe trees tend to have more significance advantages than the wooden non wearable ones. Just as the name suggests, the wearable shoe trees keep your shoes in shape not only when you have removed the shoes but during the whole period when you have your shoes put on.

It is important that you always remember the shoe care rules when she trees are involved in the caring process.

You should leave the shoe trees in the shoes when you are cleaning the shoes. If you are washing them, remove the shoe tree only if it is made of a material that can be affected by water. In such cases when the wearable shoe trees are removed, insert a wooden non wearable shoe tree or other de-creasers such as force fields among others. On the other hand, when polishing the shoes, the wearable shoe trees should under no circumstance is removed. The polish should be made to get in to creases. If possible, do not wear the same pair of shoes on several consecutive days as the leather also needs some time to relax.

Hard plastic materials can be used to make these important accessories. The wearable shoe trees made from such plastics are of course the best, durable and most protective to your shoes. However, other flexible materials can be used. Such flexible materials ensure that your comfort and easy movement is guaranteed. If you are active in sports, hikes and mountaineering, the latter option should be your most preferred shoe tree.

The use of the shoe trees has proven to be important in helping retain the original new shape of a pair of shoe for long. Your leather shoes will be re-heeled and re-soled but it still retains its new shape. It’s worth noting that old shoes are always more comfortable than the new ones. You should therefore ensure that your shoes stay new for the longest time possible. This reduces any risks of your shoes becoming too old to be put on at a time when you may be broke.

Always put a wearable shoe tree in your shoes whenever you are wearing your shoes. All the types of shoes need to be taken care of. Whether it is an official pair of shoe made of leather or it is a canvas made shoe such as sneakers and the Jordan’s, the wearable shoe trees will help extend the life of your shoes. There are several types of wearable shoe trees you can always choose from. Sneaker Shields™ is a powerhouse in the shoe tree making technology. It has got a variety of these wearables for different purposes.


How to Make DIY Wearable Shoe Trees

Shoe trees are credited for preserving the good appealing looks of shoes. Most of those shoes you are seeing your friends wearing for years but still have the original smooth appearance may be because of the shoe trees that are used to take care of the shoes and preventing them from creasing. If you still love your shoes but they have already started forming creases, then you can go ahead and either buy or make a shoe tree for your shoes. Wooden shoe trees are normally non wearable. Wearable shoe trees are naturally made from relatively flexible materials in comparison to the non wearable ones.

Wearable shoe trees will help in the protection and preservation of your shoes by maintaining the shoe’s shape at the same time absorbing moisture that results from sweaty feet. In addition to these, shoe trees are capable of stretching shoes that are a little bit smaller thereby making them to fit you well. With just some few tools and materials, you will be able to make your own wearable shoe trees for your shoes.

How To Make Wearable Shoe Trees

Tools and Materials Needed

  • A pair of scissors
  • A ruler
  • A 30 cm string
  • Pencil
  • A piece of paper
  • A cardboard
  • A wooden shoe tree-optional


  1. Start by tracing each of the feet on a plain piece of paper. After this, draw straight lines on either traced paper from the heel to the toes. Another line is also drawn from side to side. You need to have the shoes that you are making the wearable shoe tree for. This is because the roofs of different shoes have got different depth. For instance, the Jordan’s are higher than other normal official shoes. For this purpose, the wearable shoe trees of the Jordan’s are always bigger than that of most of the other shoes.
  2. At points that around ¾ from each line, measure lines parallel to the line running from the center toe to the heel and mark these lines with a pencil. These lines are marked and drawn on both sides of the main line running from heel to mid toe.
  3. Take the string and measure the distance from one side of your shoes to the other side. Several measurements are taken and recorded. For instance, the first measurements are taken just above the toe box while the last one taken around the knot of your shoe laces. One or two other measurements, though not very necessary are taken between these two points. The strings are then straightened on the foot tracing with the extended parts of the string being evenly distributed on both sides. Trace another line running on the edge of the end points of the strings.
  4. Take your cardboard and trace the final curved line.
  5. The next step is to cut along this traced line. With your pair of scissors, cut along the curved line trying to be as regular as possible. Also cut the rare half of the cardboards i.e. the part towards the heel of your legs. Wearable shoe trees don’t have this part hence must be removed.
  6. Fold the sides of the cardboard and try inserting it in to the shoes. With the measurements we used, normally the shoe tree will be bigger. It is easier to reduce small portions till it fits than to end up with a small thing that will lead you to begin the whole process again.

Wearable Shoe Trees for Jordan’s

The Jordan’s are among the most loved types of shoes in the world. They are particularly loved by the youth and young adults, some of whom save a lot to be able to buy this type of shoes. Taking good care of these types of shoes is therefore very prudent and a wise idea for everyone. By the fact that the Jordan’s are among the most prone pair for shoes to creases and cracks, we need to be more careful with how we handle them than the way we may handle other pairs of shoes. The use of wearable shoe trees is not just an option but it is mandatory if the shoes are to look new for long.

Sneaker Shields™ is one company that has got some of the best wearable’s in the world. If you want to get these wearables for your shoes, this company will be among the few that you will have no choice but to contact them. However, there are also some other companies that are reliable and can assure you of quality and comfort. In a nutshell, wearable shoe trees are not only a fashion statement. They are a necessity for the preservation of your shoe’s life.

Wearable Shoe Trees for Jordans

Sneaker Shields – Universal Fit Trainer De-Creasers

The Universal Fit Trainer De-creasers are products that are designed and made by a powerhouse in the industry of shoe trees- Sneaker Shields™. The wearable shoe trees are perfect for use in the Jordan’s and other types of shoes. The Universal have been designed to fit in your Jordan’s without the need of having to trim them. However, in case of the extra ordinary cases and they need to be trimmed, cutting them is so easy. With any pair of sharp object or scissors, follow the trim lines on the inside part of the shoe tree and trim it for perfect fit and comfort. The Universal shoe trees are completely wearable, fitting, comfortable and durable making your shoes to look new for a long period

Pre-Notched Universal Sneaker Shields

The Pre-Notched Universal Sneaker Shields also by Sneaker Shields™ are yet some other very good accessories used for the protection of your Jordan’s toe box. One good thing about this kind of shoe tree is the material used in making the wearables. The material is as durable as the materials used to make other shoe trees but is very flexible. In fact, this is the most flexible shoe tree you will get in the market. It is therefore the most appropriate option for those using their Jordan’s for sports option or even hiking and mountaineering where flexibility is very important.


Creasing especially on the toe box area is truly an epidemic. Throughout the world, the Jordan’s are experiencing this epidemic that at times results in to premature cracking of your beautiful shoes. There are very few options that can be employed to ensure that you do not suffer from the same problem. Of all these options, the use of a shoe tree is arguably the best.

Wearable Shoe Trees for Sneakers

It is quite common with everyone that sneakers are among the greatest culprits of creasing. Sneakers do crease faster than you had enjoyed your shoes that you invested money on. This is probably because of the kind of material used in making these kinds of shoes. You probably love sneakers so much that you put them on almost on a daily basis. I promise you that if you do not take good care of them, then your shoes will start having a bad appearance before its too long.

Wearable Shoe Trees for Smeakers

The Original Universal Wearable Shoe Tree

Wearable shoe trees are arguably the best way of protecting your sneakers from creases and bad looks. There are several wearable shoe trees for sneakers in the market today. One company that’s credited for making some of the best shoe trees is the Sneaker Shields™. Their Original Universal is one of the shoe trees that have been used by many to prevent creasing and to initiate the decreasing process as well. The Original Universal is designed for sneakers and many other types of shoes. With this wearable shoe tree, your shoes will have a brand new appearance for longer.

The Soft Pre-Notched Universal

This is the newest evolution among the Sneaker Shield wearable shoe trees. It is categorized under the generation 7 and has got superior sub atomic features making it to be your perfect solution for preventing creases from forming and also decreasing where it has already formed. This wearable is among the most comfortable and also the most flexible among the shoe trees you will get in the market today. It is important that while we reduce creases and crack properties, we also feel as comfortable as possible. This is the reason why going for the more flexible shoe trees is a good idea. The shoe tree fits in almost all the sneakers and other shoes we have in our homes.

For those shoes that are too small to fit the wearables, the good news is that they can easily be reduced by the use of a pair of scissors at home. There are trim lines in the inside edges that can be followed as you reduce the shoe trees.

The Pre-Notched Protector

This is yet another wearable shoe tree for sneakers and by Sneaker Shields™. This is made of rigid plastic material which is extremely resistant to flexing. It has been designed for almost all the kinds of shoes. This wearable’s are the most recommended if you fill your legs are smaller than the shoes. They will surely protect your shoes from all kinds of cracking and creases. These are completely wearable shoe trees that will give your shoes that long lasting freshness and durability in appearance and value.


It is important to understand that your sneakers are among the most prone to creases and at times cracking. If there is any shoe that needs the wearable’s the most, the sneakers come among the tops. It is therefore of great importance that you invest in these today.

Wearable Shoe Trees Vs Force Fields

Shoe trees and force fields are two accessories designed for the same purpose. However, one is more superior to the other. There are two main similarities between the Force Fields and Shoe Trees. This is the fact that both are crease removers and can be completely wearable. Other than these, there are several distinct features between the two accessories

The Shoe Trees are known to help the shoes retain their new looks forever. This is the contrast with the Force Fields which are known to have a positive effect for only a few months or a year depending with the frequency of wearing the shoes. In a nutshell, as far as the new looks of a pair of shoes is concerned, and then the Shoe Trees are the best.

Wearable Shoe Trees Vs Force Fields

The Shoe Trees are known to prevent the appearance of creases during the entire life of the shoes. It also ensures that the sidewalls are protected. This is the contrast with the Force Fields which neither prevents creases nor offers sidewall protection. The shoe trees are made using non creasing materials something that’s credited for its ability to withstand creases. This is the contra wise of the Force Fields which are made using creasing materials. The fact that the shoe trees are also non odor absorbing also makes them desirable. You will not have your shoe trees smelling after using them. In contrast, the materials used to make the Force Fields absorb smell making them to produce a strange odor. It is worth noting that this may be a pro in the sense that the Force Fields reduce the smelling intensity of the shoes.

The shoe trees are durable being able to last for more than 2 years. Buying a shoe tree is therefore a real investment as you will use these accessories for a prolonged period of time. In addition, the shoe trees are interchangeable. You can use any shoe tree for the right shoe as well as on the left shoe. Lastly, the shoe trees do support toe box hence making it easy to clean. This is not the case with the Force Fields.

It is easy to maintain the Shoe Trees than it is to maintain the Force Fields. For instance, whereas the shoe trees are washable the Force Fields can’t be washed. In addition, the former are customizable whereas the latter can’t be customized.

With the descriptions mentioned above, it is clear that buying a shoe tree will give you value for your money. The shoe trees are very durable in comparison to the Force Fields. The former also allows for free air flow, something that’s necessitated by its vents. This is the contrast with the Force Fields that lack vents hence lack of free air flow.

It is therefore easy to deduce that the Shoe Trees are better than the Force Fields. The pros associated with the former are more than those pros that are associated with the latter. It is therefore a wise idea to go for the shoe trees if durability and functionality is your priority.